Quick match
Selecting a random opponent with a suitable skill on the AIM map!
  • Random AIM map
  • Mode - 1x1
  • Competitive mode
  • Bid per participant - 5 OP
Quick match
In the last year, we sent Perseverance to Mars, invented Sputnik-V, managed to buy Bitcoin for $5,000, played more than 12,000 matches on OverPRO, but still did not make MM 5x5.
  • Random AIM map
  • Mode - 5x5
  • Competitive mode
  • Bid per participant - 5 OP
Don't let yourself and your team down. Come and soak your palms in front of a sweaty match!
  • Competitive maps
  • Mode - FFA
  • Server location - Moscow
Custom match
Case battle
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Стань первым!
Ставка: 1050100
1x1 League by OverPRO 1x1 League by OverPRO - 1,000 OP
Start in: 16D. 13h. 41m. League in progress Season is over
Призовой фонд 1,000
Формат 1 vs 1
Сезон 2